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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to answer all your questions
What makes Remotely better than Airbnb?

Airbnb specializes in short stays (with an average stay of c.6 days), while Remotely focuses on people who want to stay at one location for a minimum of one week. Due to tailored deals with accommodation partners, Remotely is able to assure much lower prices when staying for longer than one week, compared to short stay competitors (Airbnb and Booking mainly). Further, Remotely offers extra services, such as renting office supplies and connections with the best partners for weekend getaways, co-working spaces, workshops, and more. And the biggest plus is, we are specialized in one market where we are locals. So we know how to negotiate the price. 🙂

What is a minimum and/or maximum length of stay on Remotely?

Minimum stay at Remotely is 7 days and the maximum stay length is set by each lessee separately. If the duration of the lease is not limited in any way, then the prospective tenant can book the stay for as long as they want, though always for a minimum of 7 days.

How can I book an accommodation via Remotely?

You can book accommodation fast and effortlessly in several steps:

  1. Find a verified house (fast working internet, great location, price curated for your long stay)

  2. Select the extras you want (ergonomic chair, yoga mat, monitor, insurance, etc.) that will await you in the selected accommodation (read more about this in the question below)
  3. Submit Request booking form on the listing page (no need to pay anything at this point)

  4. Remotely checks the availability of the selected property within 24 hours (if it takes slightly longer we will notify you accordingly)

  5. Remotely confirms the dates and price with you via email and your Remotely account

  6. You are obliged to pay within 24 hours from the confirmation of the requested property

  7. You arrive at your new home and enjoy!

How can I rent extra work equipment?

You can rent extra work equipment you don’t want to travel with via Remotely booking page. We offer screens, keyboards, mice, laptop stands, ergonomic chairs, pilates balls, yoga mats, etc.

When you are selecting your stay at the property of choice, you have the option to select the extras you want.

In case you didn’t select your extras while booking the property, you can still get them – just send us an email with the requested equipment minimum 5 days before your arrival. We will take care of the delivery to your future accommodation.

In addition, this can also be done at any point of your stay. Note that we need up to 5 days to deliver it to the accommodation.

What is Remotely's service fee?

Our service fee depends on how long you stay and decreases the longer you stay, ranging from 5% to 12%.

How do you form prices on Remotely?

Yes, at Remotely we have different sets of prices for weekly and monthly stays, where monthly stays are lower than weekly prices.

What if the requested housing is not available?

We will put all our efforts to offer you similar accommodation in the same price range at the same or similar location. Of course, you will have to accept the change.

What is included in the accommodation price?

The prices include all utilities (i.e., electricity, heat, water, internet) and WiFi.

The owners might provide additional cleaning services as an option which is something you will arrange directly with the owner.

Are pets allowed?

That depends on the property owner. When you are requesting accommodation, let us know what kind of pet you would like to bring and we will check it for you.

How and when are you processing the payments?

At the time of booking (once availability is confirmed), we collect the first (or only) month of payment, which is kept in an escrow account and only transferred to the owner within 24 hours of your arrival. If you are staying for longer than one month, each new installment will be credited at the beginning of the month.

What if the property I booked is not the same as in the pictures and WiFi sucks?

We ask all the property owners to faithfully represent their properties (in photos, description, sq meters, number of bedrooms, location, etc.). We also check the internet speed (through a specialized app) to make sure the place is optimized for work. If you encounter any issues with the accommodation upon your arrival please contact us immediately and we will try to do our best to fix the problem.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my arrival?

You can get a full refund up to 30 days before your arrival and 50% up to 15 days. The service fee is not refundable.

In times of COVID-19 reservations are more flexible.

What do we expect from the tenants?

We expect you will treat the home and the owner’s property with respect, and leave the property in the same condition in which you have found it.

How many people can live in one apartment?


Rent prices are set according to the maximum number of people that can live in the apartment and it is mentioned in every offer detail. It doesn’t matter how many people will live in an apartment, you will pay the same price for an apartment as an individual person as well as a group of a maximum number of people. In case you would like to rent the apartment for more people than it’s the maximum number, please let us know (include it in additional requirements in our Request to book form) and we will try to arrange it.


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