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What are the costs of a remote worker in Croatia

What are the costs of a remote worker in Croatia

In recent years, Croatia has become a really popular destination due to its gorgeous beaches, historical points of interest, picturesque national parks, and delicious food. Now, it is gaining popularity among remote workers as well.

You might think all this beauty and history come with a heavy price tag, but frankly, the best part about traveling around Croatia is how cheap it is. As Croatia was part of Yugoslavia until 1991, it was only until joining the European Union in 2013 that the tourism boomed. As a result, prices are increasing year-on-year but fortunately, it is still quite affordable compared to other European cities – especially if you follow tips from locals.

“Croatia is one of the cheapest countries within European Union”

Photo by Stella Tzertzeveli on Unsplash

Prices depend on the region and season, especially the accommodation. The more touristy the destination is, the more pumped up the prices are. We are outlining some of the everyday personal expenses and comparing Croatia to other major European cities. Btw, the official currency in Croatia is HRK or KN (“Croatian kuna”) and is pegged to Euro (1EUR=c. 7.5HRK). For convenience, we will estimate all costs mentioned in EUR.

Comparison of prices between Croatia and big European cities

Remotely offers better prices for longer stays

Accommodation is the biggest expense in Croatia, with a high tourist influx over the last couple of years, rental prices increased significantly. Renting an accommodation through Airbnb or makes your stay quite pricey. On the other hand, Remotely provides much cheaper accommodation for long-term rentals due to customized offerings with curated housing partners.

You don’t have to negotiate the prices on Airbnb anymore, Remotely has already done it for you!

In the end, final expenses depend on where and how you choose to spend your money. However, Croatia is a destination that is very accessible compared to other European countries and you should definitely come and check it out!

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